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  Sam has a sixty-year career as  designer and advertising executive for many well known and respected companies.  Sam has a diverse background and eclectic career that includes service in the U.S. Army during WWII, developing patents, and designing something called the “Racquet Worm”, which actually helps prevent tennis elbow.


  As a child and high school student, Sam was a painter who also dabbled in sculpture and other mediums.  After training in New York under some of the great masters of industrial design, he left sculpture and painting behind to embark on his design and advertising career.  He started out as a writer for High fidelity Trade News where he wrote a monthly article on how to improve sales and in-store traffic through innovative display design.  in 1962 Sam founded an advertising agency, Sound Advertising, which catered to small and mid-sized businesses.  He gradually moved into the area of trade show exhibit design, and using his training in industrial design to create one-of-a -kind, groundbreaking trade show exhibits for his clients.


  Sam now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and works full-time on his true passion that he left behind forty years ago - his sculpture and painting.  His unique foam sculpture and his paintings have been on display all over Las Vegas and has been featured on Las Vegas television, radio, in major casinos and in print.


Sam Chinkes

Artist, Sculptor, Designer

Original concept for a U.S. Army mural.